Elsyca serves the nuclear industry

The piping system of a nuclear plant has a very complex configuration and interacts with existing grounding system, storage tanks and even concrete foundation of buildings. The design and maintenance of CP systems of such underground structure is a real challenge and it is difficult to control the CP configuration right the first time resulting expensive trial and error procedures in the field.

Elsyca's modeling technology overcomes CP design uncertainties and provides quantitative information on pipe corrosion risk. A 3D model of the buried infrastructure is built and the protection level of the individual pipe under cathodic protection is simulated. Hot-spots are visualized and mitigation solutions are elaborated in the model. The model provides also the current density distribution along the pipeline for calculating corrosion rates which is very valuable for ranking piping system in a risk category.

Elsyca has started a partnership with Structural Integrity Associates Inc who has a long standing expertise in CP design and APEC survey technology in the nuclear industry. Our combined worldwide expertise in CP analytical modeling and corrosion engineering provide unmatched knowledge and capabilities. Modeling CP system behavior provides the rigorous quality analysis needed in nuclear applications to demonstrate the validity of a proposed enhancement or the effectiveness of the CP system to any stakeholder – regulators, auditors, management and system engineering. We will work with you to develop the practical tools and strategies to mitigate the detrimental effects of buried pipe external corrosion.

Modeling Cathodic Protection for Improved Designs & Performance